Local 1 Apprenticeship & Training

Bricklayer & Pointer, Caulker and Cleaner

Application Requirements:
-Minimum Age: 17 years
-High School Graduate or G.E.D.
-Birth Certificate
-Two letters of character reference

Must be a resident of Bricklayer's Local No. 1 of Missouri jurisdiction:
-(City of St. Louis, Counties of St. Louis, St. Charles, Clark, Crawford, Franklin,
Jefferson, Lewis, Lincoln, Marion, Pike, Ralls and Warren within the State of Missouri

Training Program:
-The 3 1/2 year apprenticeship consists of on the job training, plus 2 weeks per semester of classroom related training (from September through June), for a minimum of 144 hours of classroom training annually.

Application Process:
-Applications for apprenticeship are accepted any day M-F from 7:00am-3:30pm (except
holidays), based on need determined by the Bricklayer's Joint Apprenticeship Committee. 
-Applicants must bring documentation proving that they meet the basic requirements.
-All applications meeting the basic qualifications will be interviewed by members of the Joint Apprenticeship Committee.
-Upon conditional acceptance for indenture by a signatory contractor, all applicants must sign a scholarship loan agreement

On The Job Assignment:
-The installation of brick, stone, block, glass block, and other related masonry materials
(with or without mortar and mortar type materials), refractory materials, firebrick, sewer
brick and acid brick, as well as tuckpointing, caulking and cleaning of the above masonry
materials. These tasks require the ability to work at great heights and to handle heavy materials.

-Based on percentages of journeyman rate: Starting wages is 50% journeyman's scale.
Wage increases at 6 month intervals.

Dale Jennewein, Instructor/Coordinator (01MO & 23MO)
Matt Coriell, Instructor (01MO)
Bricklayer's Union Local No. 1 of Missouri, AFL-CIO
BAC ADC of Eastern Missouri 
Joint Apprenticeship and Training School

4350 Green Ash Drive
Earth City, MO 63045-1219
Phone:  314.770.1066
Fax: 314.770.0311