Are You Signed Up for the Texting Program??

**BAC Members!**

Are you set up on our texting program?

You're not?! Well, let's fix that!  Here's how to sign up, it will take 30 seconds or less:

Send a text to 877877 (that's the phone number you're sending to) and all you need to put in the message is MOADC. When you get a reply, put your IU NUMBER in the message and hit send. Your IU number is on your dues card.

You will never get spammed by us, and we will never send more than a max of 5 per month, more than likely 1-3 total per month. We understand some of you may have texting plans that cost per text, which is why we know this might be a big ask, and why we will keep these to a very low number.  The ONLY people with access to this program, are the ADC and the IU.

With our new health insurance, the meeting time change, the RTW fight, Prevailing Wage legislation, etc., we need to be able to reach as many members as possible, as quickly as possible. 

If you have questions or you have issues with setting it up, please the Hall and Amy can assist you. The ADC/IU cannot sign you up without you sending the texts from your own phone.