August 2020 Union Meetings

In early August, both Locals 1 and 18 held their first in-person Union Meetings since March, having taken a hiatus due to the ongoing pandemic. 

At the August 2020 Local 1 Union Meeting, ADC Director Brian Jennewein and ADC Secretary-Treasurer John Hopkin presented Brother David Gettinger with his 40-Year Service Pin.  

Members receiving Service Awards since March 2020:

25 years:  Carlos Skelton (01MO), Clark Fithian (01MO), Michael Heck (01MO), Morris Poe (01MO), Raymond Potthoff (01MO), Russ Gardner (01MO), Steve Davis (01MO), Joseph Besancennez (18MO), James Coffey (18MO), Victor Leinger (18MO) and Jeremiah Stutte (18MO)

40 years:   Paul Frisch (01MO), Donald Rathert (01MO), Joe Carrera (01MO), Joe Daffron (01MO), Michael Jahnsen (01MO) and David Gettinger (01MO).

50 years:  Dwight Barbeau (01MO), Edwin Easley (01MO), and Terence Wanless (01MO)

Below are photos of the meetings showing the safety measures the ADC has taken to ensure Member and Officer safety.