August Union Meetings

At the August 2019 Local 1 Union Meeting, ADC Director Brian Jennewein (on left) and ADC Secretary-Treasurer John Hopkin presented (left to right) Brothers Steve Rebhan, Mark Scherr, Steve Jakubiak, Randy Dickson their 40-Year Service Pins.  

Members receiving Service Awards this month:

25 years:  David Gorse (1MO), David Lewis (1MO), Vince Patrico (1MO), Tony Thrower (1MO) and Ron Williams (1MO)

40 years:  John Flynn, Jr. (1MO), Gary Ritter (1MO), Jeff Schmidt (1MO), James Frisch (1MO), Ray Frisch (1MO), Ray Hutchinson (1MO), Denny Javaux (1MO), Mike Noles (1MO), Richard Oster (1MO), Randy Dickson (1MO), Steve Jakubiak (1MO), Steve Rebhan (1MO) and Mark Scherr (1MO)