Back to (Apprentice) School!

The last two weeks kicked off our Fall Semester at the ADC Apprenticeship Training Center with Bricklayers Local 1 Apprentice Coordinator Dale Jennewein at the helm. 

Below are some photos of our new (socially distanced) Level 1 Bricklayers hard at work in the shop and being observed by some of our Local 1 Officers.  

Shown below is Local 1 Apprentice Bricklayer Isaiah Bell (Leonard Masonry) working on his wall. 

Shown below is Payton Savat (Jahnsen Masonry) in front of his wall. 

Shown below are Isaiah Bell (Leonard Masonry), Jeremiah Campbell (Heitkamp Masonry), and Payton Savat (Jahnsen Masonry). Also shown is Bricklayers' Local 1 Business Representative Mark Savage.

Some of our Level 1 Bricklayer Apprentices getting classroom training. Shown are:  Devlan Noonan (Leonard Masonry), Derek Kamp  (Leonard Masonry), Cole Cracchiolo (Patriot Masonry), Jacob Stephens (Christy Industrial Services) and Craig Frederick  (United Specialty Contractors).

Shown below is Devlan Noonan (Leonard Masonry) working on his wall projects.

Shown below is Jacob Stephens (Christy Industrial) working on his wall.

Shown below is Derek Kamp (Leonard Masonry) working on his wall project.

Shown below is Chad Frederick (United Specialty Contractors) working on his wall projects.


Shown below is Cole Cracchiolo (Patriot Masonry) working on his wall projects.