Congratulations to our Bricklayer 500 Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of yesterday's SPEC MIX SpecMix Bricklayer 500 Missouri Regional event!
We are incredibly proud that every participant in the event was an ADC of Eastern Missouri Bricklayer!

JT Payne and his mason tender, brother and Apprentice Bricklayer Jakob Payne, winners of the 2018 Bricklayer 500 Regional Competition, employed by Foeste Masonry. Photo courtesy of Tim Rowden, Labor-Tribune

First Place & Craftsman Award: JT Payne, 23MO, Foeste Masonry.
His mason tender was his brother, Apprentice Bricklayer Jakob Payne, also of Foeste Masonry.
Brothers Payne will be going on to the World Championships in Las Vegas!

Javier Chacon, 2nd place winner, with his hodcarrier. Employed by John J. Smith Masonry. Photo courtesy Tim Rowden, Labor-Tribune

Second Place: Javier Chacon, 1MO, with Mason Tender Steve Braswell, both of John J. Smith Masonry.

John Lenzen, 3nd place winner, with his mason tender Josh Garrett. Employed by Swanson Masonry. Photo courtesy Tim Rowden, Labor-Tribune

Third Place: John Lenzen, 1MO, with Mason Tender Josh Garrett, both of Swanson Masonry.
More photos of the event can be viewed here:

Thanks to Tim Rowden of the Labor-Tribune for covering this event and supplying us with images!