It's Official! The Referendum is Certified!

IT'S OFFICIAL! The Citizens' Referendum Petition has been certified with a total of 250,327 valid signatures by the Missouri Secretary of State!  The final certified total is 80.6 percent of the original 310,567 signatures turned in.  The referendum petition will be placed on the November 6, 2018 ballot unless a different date is designated by the General Assembly.

We are thankful to hundreds of thousands of Missourians that joined together to #RepealRTW!

Following is the breakdown of those signatures by Congressional District: 

Congressional District 1: Sufficient
Signatures Needed: 15,983
Total Signatures Submitted: 45,570
Valid Signatures: 32,098

Congressional District 2: Sufficient
Signatures Needed: 21,144
Total Signatures Submitted: 43,847
Valid Signatures: 37,218

Congressional District 3: Sufficient
Signatures Needed: 18,997
Total Signatures Submitted: 50,017
Valid Signatures: 46,219

Congressional District 4: Sufficient
Signatures Needed: 16,940
Total Signatures Submitted: 34,296
Valid Signatures: 26,781

Congressional District 5: Sufficient
Signatures Needed: 16,348
Total Signatures Submitted: 50,173
Valid Signatures: 26,628

Congressional District 6: Sufficient
Signatures Needed: 17,879
Total Signatures Submitted: 33,359
Valid Signatures: 29,148

Congressional District 7: Sufficient
Signatures Needed: 17,159
Total Signatures Submitted: 33,141
Valid Signatures: 25,008

Congressional District 8: Sufficient
Signatures Needed: 15,817
Total Signatures Submitted: 31,064
Valid Signatures: 27,227

For more information, you can view the full text regarding the Referendum on the Missouri Secretary of State website here. 

This is just the beginning.  To make sure we repeal so-called “Right to Work” and send a message to those who want to lower our wages and silence our voices, we must spend this next year showing voters in every county that “Right to Work” is WRONG for Missouri and will hurt all of us. Every member will need to speak to their friends and family, their neighbors, their coworkers on the jobsite, and remind them how serious and negatively impactful "Right to Work" will be to every citizen of Missouri.   

It will not only be time consuming, it will be expensive to fight the out of state corporate interests paying for the TV ad space spent slandering us. You can get more information on how to donate to 18 for 18 to help raise funds to fight Right to Work through WeAreMo.