Job Action Against Chick-Fil-A in Bridgeton and Florissant

Since the January 31, 2019 opening of two new Chick-Fil-A stores in Florissant, MO and Bridgeton, MO, several ADC Members and Officers have been bannering and handbilling in front of both locations to alert the public that these franchisees hired out-of-state non-Union workers to build them.

Thanks for not patronizing these locations, and thanks to the members for volunteering their time to assist in this effort. If any member or a friend is interested in assisting in future efforts, please call the Hall. 

Shown here are Journeyman PCC Dan Giebe, Retired Local 1 Bricklayer Jay Thomas, Bricklayers' Local 1 of Missouri President and Business Agent Mike Fox, Tilesetters' Local 18 of Missouri Recording Secretary and Apprentice Coordinator Stoyan Hristov, Journeyman PCC Carey Johnson and Bricklayers' Local 1 of Missouri Vice President and Business Agent Johnny Walker.

Shown here are Journeyman PCCs Dan Giebe and Carey Johnson. Photo courtesy Dan Giebe.