Lift for Life

Over the Summer, your ADC Officers spent several weeks volunteering their time at the Lift for Life Gym. 

Bricklayers Local 1 Recording Secretary and Business Representative Mark Savage, Tile, Marble & Terrazzo Workers Local 18 President and Business Representative Mike Weber and Bricklayers Local 1 Vice President and Business Representative Johnny Walker, Jr., are shown with some of the Lift for Life Program Attendees and recipients of the Officers' donations.

Besides the grinding and tuckpointing, and other necessary building repairs your Officers were able to donate for this facility,  they collected and donated money out of their own pockets to the administrators, as well as new backpacks, coats and school supplies to the kids that attend.  Shown below is a photo of the Officers delivering these items to the kids. 

If you've never had the privilege of visiting Lift for Life, it is a non-profit offering at-risk children, with 90% living below the poverty level, in St. Louis City a safe environment.  They offer programs for team sports and exercise, supply these children free, nutritious meals, and provide tutoring and mentoring services, as well as college prep and life skills they might otherwise never have access to.  It gives these kids the opportunity to make new connections to better their future, develop better educational opportunities, stay fit and eat better and healthier foods than their parents might be able to provide at home, and above all, form new relationships.  

In 2016, 1,890 kids and their family members were impacted by Lift for Life's services. We expect 2017 will have an even better outreach, with over 13,450 meals served to the 440 kids we currently serve to date, 218 youth members engaged in our programs every week, and 43 National Youth Weightlifting Champions through Lift for Life Gym's programs since 1999, and the ADC is proud to have been part of that.  If you'd like more information on Life for Life Gym or wish to donate, you can visit their website here.