Recent Member Service Awards

Recent Service Award recipients are:

Members with 25 Years of Service: 
Local 01MO:
David McKinney, Paxton Anderson, Scott Kelam, Steven Smith, Scott McKean, Ben Jansen, John Bone, Joe Hellmann, William Keesee, Dan Giebe, and Sean Hutton, both shown receiving their 25-year pins from ADC Director Brian Jennewein and ADC Secretary-Treasurer John Hopkin. 


Local 18MO: Charlie Reiter and Kevin Robbins, both shown receiving their 25-year pins from Local 18 President Mike Weber. 


Members with 40 Years of Service:  Terry Weaver, Ed Metts, Mark McDonnell and Michael Brown. 

Members with 50 Years of Service: Larry Oestringer and Tom Kasate. 

Members with 75 Years of Service:  Richard Abeln and Robert Granzow.