Rich People have Convinced Working Class People that Unions are Bad.

An opinion piece went live on a few months ago outlining the many ways the poor and working class workers are being abused by the rich, i.e., the Waltons, the Bezoses, the Trumps. In it, she explains that job creation isn’t any more than a catchphrase and doesn’t mean anything to the average person. Many of the points made in this article are going to sound familiar, as they are similar talking points to the anti-RTW movement. It is worth the ten or so minutes it will take you to read.

The wealthy have spent decades manipulating and convincing the average worker that Unions are bad by acting as though the workers’ wages are the reason the company is in danger, despite making record profits and paying their executives exorbitantly. “That’s just a tricky way to convince workers to take less, so those at the top can take more. What’s the best way to achieve that? Split up unions and take away workers’ power. There is power in numbers, and they know it, and do everything they can to keep us from seeing it. Remember: without your labor, they have nothing!”

2020 is a very important election year. Your vote has the very real threat of taking away all of the rights you receive, and your predecessors have died to earn, as a Union member, not to mention decimate your paycheck. As Ms. Ivin-Patton states: “We have the power. Now we need to stop giving it away.” We as Union members need to vote for our paychecks.

The entire article can be found here.