Tough as Nails Casting Call

CBS is creating a new, competitive reality show with a working title of “Tough as Nails” and asked for help to locate contestants that best represent the Trade Unions. 
They are looking for Union Members that exemplify the spirit and grit that has helped build our nation. The producers assure us that this will not be “circus” with stunts or costumes. But simply blue-collar men and women, competing in work clothes, in real-life challenges, using strength and mental toughness.
The producers will be traveling the country, with a stop here in St. Louis, at the end of October 2019, with a moveable stage in which contestants will “see if they have what it takes”, with a 10-minute physical test called “The Brutal Truth”.
To submit your application for casting review, please visit:
Please note that applicants must be over 21 years old and must submit a video under 3 minutes long. All other pertinent information is outlined through the link, including tips for the best video.