Vice News Story on Auto Plants Saying No To Unions

Vice News on HBO is a "daily" news show with an additional in-depth episode which airs separately.  In the last few weeks, they've done some stories which are particularly relevant to not only our trade, but Unions in general.  

This feature regarding a Nissan Plant in Mississippi voting not to Unionize aired on August 9, 2017, and discusses the trend of auto manufacturers deliberately targeting southern states for their operations due to being historically non-Union and right-to-work.  Toyota has at least 5 plants in the US--all are located in the South. Nissan is Tennessee and Mississippi. Honda is Ohio, Indiana, and Alabama...notice a trend?  

We feel this feature is worth watching, and is particularly timely, given the fight going on here in Missouri to keep Right-to-Work from being enacted, and the while we await the outcome of our current Citizens' Referendum Petition.