Welfare & Pension Plan Director Gary Juenger Retires

Brother Gary Juenger began his career as a Bricklayer when he was indentured to Fred L. Davis Bricklaying in May 1979. After serving his Apprenticeship and initiating as a Journeyman Bricklayer in October 1982, he spend most of his career working for Fred L. Davis Bricklaying, John J. Smith Masonry Company and Grant Bricklaying Company.  

In September 2001, he was appointed to the Executive Board, which he served on until he was asked to be Recording Secretary and replace retiring Welfare Fund Director (Jim Hassler) in March 2004. Brother Juenger has served in that position faithfully, working day (and night) for the members since, even after his retirement on January 1, 2017, working part time until his replacement is installed.

His devotion to the Union and its membership is unparalleled and he will be missed.