The BAC ADC PAC Fund is hosting a Farmpond Classic Bass Fishing Tournament PAC Fund Fundraiser on Saturday, August 3!  Each 2-man team is $

Bricklayers’ Local 1 of Missouri Joint Apprenticeship Training Center now offers an Apprenticeship Training-Skilled Trades Associate’s Degree in Applied Science (AAS) through East Central College. 

The Officers of the ADC of Eastern Missouri are pleased to announce an unprecedented 8-year extension to the current Collective Bargaining Agreement between Bricklayers' Local 1 of Missouri and the

On April 21, 2018, the Local 1 of Missouri JATC held an Apprentice Contest at the Local 1 Apprenticeship Training Center in Earth City, MO.   The winners of each Category are pictured below.

1st Place Brick - D.J. Smith, Toenjes Brick

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Shown below (right to left) are Local 1 Journeyman Bricklayers Ian Rendell and Gary Juenger winners of the April 2018 50-50, and Journeyman Bricklayer Bill Dierker winner of the April 2018 Attendance Prize. 


This month also marked the start of a Queen of Hearts game. The Queen of Hearts draw was Roger Lansford.

Shown below (left to right) are Local 1 Journeyman Bricklayers Jack Wilkinson and Jim Markus winners of the March 2018 50-50, and Journeyman Bricklayer Mark Scherr, winner of the March 2018 Attendance Prize. 



Please note the following time change
for upcoming Union Meetings!

Starting with our May 2018 meeting, Union Meetings for
Local 1 of Missouri will be held at 5:30 p.m., instead of 6:30 p.m.

Please note the following process change for ALL address changes going forward (including ALL active and retired members, as well as all former members who collect a pension benefit):

All address changes must be submitted via provided form
available at the Union Hall or Pension & Welfare Fund Office

Shown below are Local 1 Journeyman Bricklayers Dale Jennewein and Kevin Wright, winners of the February 2018 50-50, and Journeyman Bricklayer Brian Burton, winner of the February 2018 Attendance Prize.

There were no Local 1 Service Awards for February 2018.