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On April 21, 2018, the Local 1 of Missouri JATC held an Apprentice Contest at the Local 1 Apprenticeship Training Center in Earth City, MO.   The winners of each Category are pictured below.


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Show me the country that has no strikes and I'll show you the country in which there is no liberty. — Samuel Gompers

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IT'S OFFICIAL! The Citizens' Referendum Petition has been certified with a total of 250,327 valid signatures by the Missouri Secretary of State!  The final certified total is 80.6 percent of the original 310,567 signatures turned in.  The referendum petition will be placed on the November 6, 2018 ballot unless a different date is designated by the General Assembly.

Over the Summer, your ADC Officers spent several weeks volunteering their time at the Lift for Life Gym. 

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The Bricklayers' Local 1 Officers have been holding 50/50 raffles and raffling attendance prizes for the last several months' Union meetings, with prizes paid for out of their own pockets. 

Shown below (right to left) are Local 1 Journeyman Bricklayers Ian Rendell and Gary Juenger winners of the April 2018 50-50, and Journeyman Bricklayer Bill Dierker winner of the April 2018 Attendance Prize. 

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