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Vice News on HBO is a "daily" news show with an additional in-depth episode which airs separately.

Vice News on HBO is a "daily" news show with an additional in-depth episode which airs separately.

The Missouri AFL-CIO announced at a Rally held at the IBEW Local 1 Hall in St. Louis on August 8 that just shy of 300,000 signatures were collected on the Citizens' Referendum Petition initiative.

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Brother Joseph Thiemann, Brother John Hillis, Brother Bill Dierker and Brother Bill Zerwig are shown above after receiving their 40 year service pin awards from Secretary-Treasurer John Hopkin and Director Brian Jennewein.

There will be multiple signature drives throughout the state for the Citizens' Referendum Petition on July 15 for the MO AFL-CIO Statewide Day of Action with WeareMO​.

Our June 2017 Service Award recipients were:

Members with 25 Years of Service:  Robbie Hengst and Jason Lober 

Members with 40 Years of Service:  Fred Boegemann, Ronald Shinn and Jerome Vehige.

Members with 50 Years of Service:  Orville Oldfather. Brother Oldfather was unable to attend this year's Summer Retiree Luncheon to receive his Gold Card in person, so it was sent to him.

Article by Labor-Tribune Editor Tim Rowden and republished with permission
All photos by Labor-Tribune, and used with permission

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