2023 Bricklayer500 World Championships

This year we sent the most competitors to date to represent us at the SpecMix and Mason Contractors Association of America contest in Las Vegas.  Apprentices Chase Morfeld (John Smith Masonry), Ryan Newton (Lampkin Masonry), and Alec Sportsman (Swanson Masonry) represented our Union and its Training Program in the Masonry Skills Competition, as well as Journeymen JT Payne and Jeff Head (in stall 10, representing Foeste Masonry) in the Bricklayer500 Main Event and Toughest Tender contest, and Jakob Payne (Foeste Masonry) and Chris Cain (John Smith Masonry) in the Fastest Trowel on the Block blocklaying contest.   

We are thrilled to announce and send our sincere congratulations to Second-Year Apprentice Ryan Newton (Lampkin Masonry) for winning his level in the Masonry Skills Challenge, and to Journeyman Bricklayer Jeff Head (Foeste Masonry) for winning Toughest Tender! They’re why we are The Best Hands In The Business!!